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The NLRC was organized in 1996 with the idea of creating a national club that would preserve and promote the Labrador Retriever. Everyone in the Labrador community is welcome... from pet owners to old timers.

We are a National Labrador Club formed by the members, for the members, working together for the preservation and promotion of the Labrador Retriever.
All links on this page are provided as a convenience and for reference only. No affiliation or endorsement is implied.

Vet Tech Programs

Dog Lovers Bookshop
(hard to find used, out of print and rare books)

Dog Titles and Abbreviations
(Why title a dog?)

Federation Cynologique Internationale

:  Who's Who in the Assistance Dog Community

INFODOG Dog Show Calendar

LABMED, RX for Rescued Labs

Labrador Life Line (aid for purebred Labradors in need)

LabraData International Open Database

Labrador Retriever Health Page

List of AKC Licensed Dog Show Superintendents

Master National Retriever Club (MNRC)


Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)


Pet Shop Puppies: 10 Reasons Not to Buy From a Pet Shop

Retriever Titles
(What do the letters mean?)

The Art of Reading Hip X-Rays

The Labrador Retriever,  by Anne Taylor

The Senior Dogs Project

Therapy Dogs International, Inc. (TDI)

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine

VetGen’s ChromaGene™ Coat Color Prediction Service

What are Puppy Mills, Wholesale Breeders & Brokers?
Labrador Retriever Regional Clubs
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FCI Standard



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