National Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.
Junior Sponsorship Program Application
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By submitting this application:

  • I attest that the applicant is an eligible Junior (9-18 years of age)

  • I agree that the Junior will compete with a Labrador Retriever to be eligible for reimbursement

  • I attest that I am a current member of the NLRC or a parent/guardian is a current member of the NLRC

  • I agree that the junior will be entered in Junior designated classes and/or Junior designated events

  • I attest that the applicant will submit a photocopy of each entry confirmation to the NLRC Junior Coordinator within 30 days following the event to receive reimbursement

  • I agree that if Junior is <18 years that the name and address of the parent/guardian must be included as any check issued will be in his/her parent or guardian's name and a parental consent form must be completed

  • I agree that if the Junior is unable to attend a scheduled event, that the sponsorship monies must be returned to the NLRC Junior Coordinator within 30 days of the event. 

please print off and mail this PARENTAL CONSENT FORM to participate in the NLRC's JUNIOR SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM
12515 Woodside Ave. #1905
Lakeside, CA 92040
Your NLRC Junior Sponsorship Program Coordinator is: Gail Cayce-Adams